Do It Yourself?

Some customers have the factory send them “golden samples” before the shipment is released and final payment is made. Golden samples are not representative of the quality range of the entire run – you don’t know how many units they sorted to find defect-free samples. Sorting in the US to isolate the problem pieces is very expensive.

Some customers try to time it so they can be at the factory near the end of the production run to conduct the inspection themselves. Sometimes, almost beyond the factory’s control,  dates slip and slide. Containers arrive, are loaded and, to avoid storage charges or a holiday delay, they are shipped before planned. Other times production is delayed well beyond when the customer must leave.

We live in China. We can be in the factory tomorrow, next week or next month. We stay in contact with the factory so we can be there at the right time. We pull our own, truly random, samples. We work to AQL levels. We speak Mandarin. We aren’t cajoled or intimidated. For less than you might spend per day for a hotel, meals and transportation we will do the job and do it right.

Your container will not ship until we’ve inspected, shown you our detailed report with photos and you’ve given the factory your approval. Besides, you get to stay in your own time zone and sleep in your own bed.


I had the pleasure of working with Fredy during product launch while at Gerber Knife, I was the New Product Introduction Buyer - Asia. Fredy was my contact for quality on the products we were having made in China. His dedication and help kept our products on time and within budget while maintaining our stringent quality standards. I look forward to having Fredy do more work for me.

John McQuillan III C.P.M., Purchasing/Materials Management/ Permitting Director