Final Inspection

We can verify the products that were made for you are of the quality and reliability you expect. This pre-shipment inspection can be performed once the production line has completed at least 80% of the order quantity.

We do not approve shipment.

Approval to ship remains your sole responsibility. We send you a detailed report in English with photos as to whether the product we inspected met your standards. We will consult with you  by email or Skype about what we found, detailing any defect, but the decision to ship, sort, rework or refuse is always yours.


I have relied on Fredy to manage Quality Control for a wide range of products. His knowledge and experience have proven invaluable. While I can always reach Fredy personally if required, I find his staff responsive and competent enough that I seldom need to. Short of having our own staff in multiple manufacturing facilities, I can think of no better way to stay on top of Quality than through our continued reliance on Fredy and his firm. Thank you Fredy for your to our business and for the honor of being asked to express my appreciation.

Chief Operation Officer
Sourcing Company (USA)