We instruct as well as we inspect.

The internet is full of sites offering to inspect your shipment just before it’s loaded into the container. We do that too and we do it well. Still, we have bad news.

Build it Right the First Time

Quality cannot be inspected into a product. At the end of the run we can only confirm if the factory knew what you wanted and made your product that way. If they did, we’ll let you know. If they didn’t build the product you expected, you are now stuck in I-didn’t-say-that / negotiate / sort / rework / delayed shipment / lost-order hell.

OQCS has been inspecting China factories for ten years. The whole time we’ve worked for major North American and European brands with a long legacy of quality to protect. Often we work with brands that have special safety considerations; electrical, toys, sporting goods, etc. that sell to major national retailers. We know how to inspect.

Early Involvement

We also know from experience that you get the most consistent quality at the most economical cost when we are involved earlier in the process. Our people are trained to ensure the factory doesn’t build problems into your products. It is best for you if we verify what you want in a product: dimensions, function, materials, life expectancy, package, pack, appearance, etc. What level of defects you expect. Then we verify the factory understands and is able to meet your standards. Final inspection should then be easy. Any defects should clearly be the factory’s responsibility and easy to resolve.

Clear Instructions

The factory wants clear instructions up front. They want to make your order and be paid quickly. They want to make you happy so you reorder. You want to know your costs and the delivery date. You want to know exactly what is in your shipment when it arrives. All of these things are best for everyone involved. Involve us early and for final inspection and the process of sourcing in China will go as smoothly and profitably as possible.  Contact us and we’ll help you define your needs.


I met Fredy when we were ramping up mass-production of a new consumer electronic product and Fredy was responsible for quality in the electronic assembly division.

I have worked with a lot of electronics manufacturers in China, and Fredy's quality program was one of the best I've seen. His quality program was well-designed and thoroughly documented - but the most important aspect is that the procedures were implemented and followed.

Most manufacturers have reams of documents about their quality program, but many don't follow through on the factory floor; their quality program is just a stack of paper. Fredy's quality program wasn't just a stack of paper. The quality procedures were followed diligently in actual production, and this showed in the quality of product that we received.

If Fredy is looking after your quality, you're in good hands.

Clint O'Conner, Owner

O'Conner Product Management - Product Development and Offshore Manufacturing