In-Process Inspection

You need your product on time. If you only have us inspect when the entire run is done there may be significant delays as you, we and the factory first decide what needs to be done and then do it. To lessen this danger we can perform inspections during production.

If you are placing a large order, have on-going production or your schedule is tight this makes sense. An in-process inspection will alert you to any likely surprises, reliability risks and dangers to your delivery dates.

Before is better

It is much better to find a problem early, before it is built into an entire production run. There are also problems that might be found prior to final assembly that would not be visible on finished products.

OQCS can spot check the factory’s incoming inspection documentation and procedures to verify there are not AODs (Accept On Deviation) being built into your product.


I met Fredy when we were ramping up mass-production of a new consumer electronic product and Fredy was responsible for quality in the electronic assembly division. I have worked with a lot of electronics manufacturers in China, and Fredy's quality program was one of the best I've seen. His quality program was well-designed and thoroughly documented - but the most important aspect is that the procedures were implemented and followed. Most manufacturers have reams of documents about their quality program, but many don't follow through on the factory floor; their quality program is just a stack of paper. Fredy's quality program wasn't just a stack of paper. The quality procedures were followed diligently in actual production, and this showed in the quality of product that we received. If Fredy is looking after your quality, you're in good hands

Clint O'Conner
Owner, O'Conner Product Management - Product Development and Offshore Manufacturing