Pre-Production Validation

Whether you are having your product custom built or buying a supplier’s stock product we can validate the factory’s equipment, staffing, production methods, quality plan and schedule. We will advise if your custom product is a fit for manufacturing in the factory you’ve selected and if it is a fit for China in general. (Some products and their packaging are either so simple or so sophisticated that China manufacturing doesn’t make sense.)

If you’ve selected off-the-shelf products we will provide a report as to whether the products are as described, reliable and marked for sale in your markets.

We can help you design an inspection regimen that will actually speed production by reducing rework and help control unforeseen costs. Plus, we can provide you with recommendations on how to improve the manufacturability of your product in China. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.


OQCS is reliable, detailed, and a cost effective QA solution.

Robert Gabbe
General Manager, Mr. Christmas, Inc.