Supplier Validation or Audit

You need to know if your potential supplier is legit. We will check with our sources or visit your prospect to advise you if they are actually the manufacturer or a sourcing agent. We will assess their ability to produce quality products consistently.

You need to know quickly so we will promptly provide you a complete report, in English, of our findings with recommendations. Our recommendations often include practical methods to improve quality and consistency within a defined time frame. In addition, you will receive information on the factory’s quality system, their workload and their capacity for your products.

You may need an audit performed to satisfy a major retailer, an investor or your own conscience. We have conducted thorough audits since the first social compliance audits were required by Wal-mart and Target

Only with current, accurate information can you make an informed decision.


I have known Fredy for at least ten years and worked with his quality assurance firm since its inception. He is diligent, clever, experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and honorable. Many factories are leery of outside inspectors and all will say they are unnecessary. That is not true. His people in our factories have saved us a fortune and probably our business. Fredy's inspectors have always worked with integrity. They are our eyes and ears on the factory floor. That is invaluable. Fredy Fong and OQCS are truly indispensable if you want to manufacture in China. Thank you Fredy!

Business Owner
Sourcing Company (USA)