What We Do

We are an independent, third party inspection organization with experienced, technically savvy and honest inspectors.

We have more than thirty full-time inspectors spread along the China Coastal Region where most China manufacturing is done.

OQCS is committed to maintaining the integrity of our service, thus, we do not hire any part time inspectors.

Our inspectors are individually selected, assigned and trained for each customer and each assignment. Most inspectors have been with us many  years. Each inspector has highly experienced managers to consult with in real time.


Fredy is a brilliant individual with excellent hands-on experience and knowledge in quality. He seems to have unlimited energy to supervise the implementation of quality programs in production lines. He has the ability to communicate with people in all levels (from operators to senior management) and always wants to share knowledge and ideas with his colleagues. Most importantly, he is a person with vision and a strong business sense, which turned him into a successful business owner. I enjoyed my time working with Fredy and look forward to working with him in the future.


Erwin Baja Simanjuntak
Quality Management Specialist at Enbridge Pipelines