Why Inspect?

OQCS does not approach inspection with a “Gotcha!” attitude, nor the assumption that factories are trying to slip one over on you. Defects can happen with the best of intentions. Many factory owners adhere to cultural traditions about how business is to be conducted. One of those traditions is to remain positive. “No problem” is one of the first English phrases many owners learn. First they get the order, then they figure out what you will accept and then how to make it. That can lead to missed deadlines and, without inspection, real surprises when you receive your shipment.

When some factory owners notice a quality problem they may think it acceptable to complete and ship your order. Then, when you or your customer find the problem and confront the owner he will offer to negotiate the price down, possibly giving you a credit on your next order. This is not deceit, it is standard business practice in many cultures around the world. We trust that is not how you work. We recommend inspection; in the factory, before you make your final payment.

Our mission is to ensure that the product you receive is the product you wanted. To do that we work with you to clearly, correctly and completely define the products you order. There is no benefit to having a factory quote something that is “approximately right.” If you later force an improvement in one area, the factory will take cost out in another. Clearly defining your product and working with us to develop an effective inspection regimen is the best way to realize the savings that China offers.


Fredy runs a small, tightly knit company of professional quality managers and inspectors. The OQCS approach is not to catch factories or sub-contractors making a mistake, rather to coach them into better quality. The supplier and subs we want to keep understand this and have the capacity to evolve into a higher quality, more profitable approach. No firm can afford poor quality.

Dennis Sanner, New Product Development
Sourcing Company (USA)